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DMX 512 Decoder

Release Date:2023-03-23 Visits:306
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DMX 512 Decoder

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This DMX512 system is specifically developed for yacht lighting.


n   Multiple-chips supportive i.e DMX protocol chips, RZ chips;

n   Support 1-4 primary color channel; Support Hi521 series, SM16/17 series, USS series; Containing 40 programs, users are allowed to use the keys to change programs;

n   External power supply is optional(DC9V-DC24V range);

n   Standard RS485 signal output, connecting fixtures at long distance. Theoretically, there’re 256 parallel connection points at maximum;

n   Support lock-off. To set to lock the panel and avoid malfunctional operation;

n   Play speed 1-9 phase adjustable, brightness 1-10 phases adjustable;

n   Support manual locating testing; Power off memory.