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RGBW G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb

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RGBW G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb View Specs Sheet
RGBW G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb
RGBW G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb
RGBW G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb
RGBW G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb

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RF and Bluetooth dual-module smart LED bulb; RGB color changing and 2200K to 5000K tunable white; One LED bulb satisfies manifold lighting needs; Controllable both by remote controller and smartphones no matter iOS or Android enableld; Zoning, dimming, timing, sync functions; LED driver is programmed and featured as thermal fold-back to protect LEDs from overheat damage; The anti-surge feature helps to endue the surge damage due to voltage fluctuations; Ideal replacement bulb if you need RGBW lighting effect for your drop-in fixtures which carry G4 type bulbs.


n   Smart Control via either App or remote controllers

n   Overheat protection & Anti-surge

n   RGB + tunable white from 2200K to 5000K

n   ETL listed

n   High lumen output

Input 8~16Vac
Watt 2.5W
LED RGBW Chipset | RGB + 2200K to 5000K tunable white
Beam spread Omni-directional
Lamp type G4 Bi-pin
Control method App, Remote controller
Lumen R 60lm
G 140lm
B 30lm
2200K 100lm
2700K 105lm
3000K 110lm
4000K 130lm
5000K 150lm
Signal coverage 50~65ft in open areas
Signal may be weaken due to signal-block; a signal booster is recommended.

Smart Control via Smartphones/Tablets & Remote Controller

l   Bluetooth mesh and all lights can be controlled from a single location. 

l   Use this system to group devices; to create scenes; to time the devices, to dim the brightness from 0 to 100; to change the colors; to adjust the color temperature(CCT) between 2200K and 5000K.

l   In this system, all lights synchronize well in a group/groups.

l   Automate Following Feature: When adding a new light into a group you’ve created, the new light will have the same settings as those lights which are already in the group.

l   Up to 30,000 devices are allowed to add into the system. Using batch operation to add lights into the App at one time. Using the batch operation to delete the whole network to remove all devices from the App.

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